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The word "eikon" (pronounced: eye con) is a transliteration of a Greek word that means "an image, figure, or likeness." It comes from a Greek root word that means "to be like".

Disciples of Jesus seek to be like Jesus, who is the very image of God. Becoming an eikon of Jesus is the goal of discipleship.

We are a congregation who seeks to be a household of eikons.

Consider these Scriptures that speak of humans as images (or eikons) of God:

  • "So God created man in his own image (eikon), in the image (eikon) of God he created him; male and female he created them." (Genesis 1:27)
  • "Put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image (eikon) of its creator." (Colossians 3:10)
  • "Put on the new self, created after the likeness (eikon) of God in true righteousness and holiness." (Ephesians 4:24)

Father God created humans as eikons of Himself. We rebelled against this and went our own way (see Genesis 3). Ever since then, Father has been pursuing us to bring us back unto Himself and His perfect Kingdom. Ultimately, He sent the perfect eikon (Jesus) to show us what the Kingdom really looks like (Mark 1:14-15), give us an example (John 13:15) of how life with God can really be, and sacrifice himself for the forgiveness of our sins (Colossians 1:13-14).

Our goal is to live as eikons of Jesus.

Start Small. Then Grow.

Someone once said, "It is easier to draw a crowd than to grow a family." We're not after crowds–we're after community. Specifically, we're in pursuit of genuine community built around the person of Jesus, the Gospel story, and the Kingdom of God. Many churches today focus most of their resources on their Sunday gatherings, then at some point begin layering in small groups (or home groups, etc.). Our focus is the opposite. We choose to focus most of our resources on the "micro-communities" who gather in homes. As needed, we layer in opportunities for the whole community to gather together.

Why do this the opposite way most churches start and grow? Because we sincerely believe that we have a responsibility to live in authentic community with other disciples in order to fulfill God's purposes for His people. Discipleship is not likely to happen in large gatherings.  As someone once said...

"If you build the church, you rarely get disciples, but if you build disciples, you will always get the church."

Throughout the teachings of Jesus and the writings of the disciples in the New Testament, we see them repeatedly referring to the need for disciples of Jesus to work, live, and play together. The Apostle Paul even referred to the church as a "body" (Romans 12:3-8) and a "household" (Ephesians 2:18-20)–things that require interdependence for success. If the church is going to succeed in the mission of making disciples, we must work together in community. It is our firm belief that we must focus on building and strengthening micro-communities of two or three families, helping them disciple and train one another to live out their daily mission together. Once this becomes successful, growing the larger community will not be a problem. Start small. Then grow.



Our Goal: Create community. Build disciples. Live on mission.


We are a congregation of followers/disciples of Jesus. We are families who want to grow to be more and more like Jesus. And we're not just interested in our own growth–we desire to invite people into our community and help them grow into disciples of Jesus, too. Ultimately, we want to work together on the mission of God in our daily lives.


We recognize that we are part of Jesus' church. We also understand the benefit of identifying ourselves as a local congregation. This allows us to identify and agree to a common goal and common purpose for our community so we can have a greater impact for the Kingdom. Practically, we function as a "community of communities." We form ourselves into micro-communities of 2 to 3 families who gather regularly, disciple one another, and live on mission together.

Our micro-communities meet in homes weekly. We gather to eat a meal, celebrate Communion, worship, pray, and study together. In addition to the weekly gatherings, each micro-community engages with each other daily through texts, email, phone calls, social media, and even in-person (when schedules allow). Staying in constant contact is vital for authentic community to be developed, fostered, and grown.


Once a month, all of our micro-communities gather in one location. We do this so that the entire community can meet, worship, and encourage one another. At these monthly gatherings, someone usually gives a short lesson from the Bible, someone else leads a few songs of praise and worship, and we spend time hearing from one another about things Father is doing and how our community is getting involved in the mission of God. These monthly gatherings are referred to as our Community Celebrations. Typically, these Community Celebrations are designed for Eikon House members only. While we always welcome non-members, these Community Celebrations are not intended to be an event where we "advertise" Jesus, attract new members, or replace the micro-community gatherings each week. People interested in learning more about Jesus and our community should first go to a micro-community gathering in the home of some of our congregation's members.

Contact us for info on our weekly micro-community gatherings.



We hold these core beliefs as non-negotiable. Everything else–while important–is not a test of fellowship.

JESUS – Jesus is the preeminent reason for life, love, and all of creation. He is the Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer, and Savior of all mankind. Most importantly, he is our King! He is the perfect representation of God and the perfect example of what a life lived in absolute submission to God looks like. He is the King of Kings. He is 100% in charge, although he allows Satan to rule the kingdom of the world for now. He calls us to live in submission to him and his rule as the King of the Kingdom of God. Through Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, all humans have access to eternal life by trusting in Jesus as Savior.

GOD – God is known throughout history by many names: "I Am", "Jehovah", "Yahweh", "Elohim", etc. He was known by Jesus as "Father", which is the name we use to refer to God today. He and Jesus–along with the Holy Spirit–are one. They created humankind to know God and have relationship with him in His Kingdom. Jesus is the exact representation of God and is the one who makes our renewed relationship with God possible.

HOLY SPIRIT – The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God sent by Jesus to dwell in the hearts of true disciples of Jesus. He is given to men and women upon a true confession of Jesus as Lord and Savior as a mark of eternal life. He is Creator and Sustainer of the world. The Spirit is alive and active today and leads anyone who truly desires to know God to truly know him.

BIBLE – The Bible is the most precious book the world has ever known. It is composed of many books written by many different authors over a period of 1500 years. Inspired by God, it was given to humans as a primary way for us to understand the story of God and his love and desire for humankind. It defines good and evil. In its pure form, it represents the things God wants us to know about himself. It points us to Jesus, who is the Word of God, who can convict us, redeem us, and sustain us until Jesus returns.

SALVATION – To be "saved" from something means that there is danger if the salvation doesn't come. As fallen human beings, we are all separated from God because of the evil things we have done. Our end is death if we continue on our own path without reaching out to Jesus for salvation. Salvation comes through true, active belief in Jesus as the Son of God and Savior of the world. When a human comes to true belief in Jesus, salvation is his or hers forever and ever. Abundant eternal life is the reward for true belief in Jesus.

These other beliefs also help define us, but we recognize that there may be differences of opinion.

KINGDOM – The Gospel of the Kingdom of God was the central teaching of Jesus. In his pronouncement that the "Kingdom is near", he was proclaiming that he himself was ushering in the Kingdom of God, which was the original intent of creation. His desire as King is to bring the entire world under his rule and reign. Everywhere Jesus reigns as King is where the Kingdom exists. Our goal as followers of Jesus is to bring the Kingdom to others. We don't do this through legislation, religion, or brute force; rather, we bring the Kingdom to others by simply living the way Jesus taught, which happens to be in direct opposition to the way the kingdoms of this world teach us to live. The Kingdom predates the Church and will outlast the Church, but the Church is part of the Kingdom of God.

GOSPEL – The Gospel is the entire story of God's love for us. It is about how a loving God created us to live under his rule and reap the benefits of living in a perfect Kingdom. As humans, we sinned and tore ourselves out of the Kingdom, essentially setting up ourselves as rulers of our own kingdoms. The Gospel story tells of how God pursues his children, anxiously desiring for them to come back under his loving rule as King. This pursuit culminated in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Through Jesus, all humans now have the opportunity for forgiveness of sins and access to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God. [Read the Gospel here.]


These three core values help define us. They are our "DNA". We are committed to uphold & protect them.



We strive to first create and build community–not as a place per se, but as a group of interacting disciples who share interpersonal relationships, a sense of belonging, and an orientation of life to a common goal and common witness. It is our belief that this is how Jesus began his ministry that ended up changing the world forever for the better. So, after his example we seek to build this community amongst ourselves so that our ministry can also look like Jesus. Therefore, you won't see us promoting gimmicks or other clever ways to get people to come to events or worship services. Why? Because authentic community is built around relationships, and relationships are not built around events and worship services. Read more about community here.



Once community is formed, the discipleship process can begin. We understand discipleship to be a process of helping a person move from being a fan of Jesus, to one who desires to learn & emulate his ways, eventually becoming an eikon of Jesus (a person who exudes the image of Jesus). Just as an apprentice has a goal to be like his or her teacher, the goal of a disciple is to be like Jesus in word, thought, and deed. While humans will never attain the perfection of Jesus, we are called to be faithful in the pursuit of that perfection (see Matthew 5:48). Eikons of Jesus are to lead others to become disciples and repeat the process. Read more about discipleship here.


Read more about Mission here.


We define mission as our task and duty, assigned by Jesus to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom through word and deed. Disciples of Jesus are given the Holy Spirit to live inside them to lead them to do the work of God. Each day–if we are faithful to listen attentively–the Spirit will prompt us to share the Gospel of the Kingdom with others. We will be given opportunities to bring the Kingdom of God to others right where they are, fulfilling the prayer of Jesus for his Kingdom to come and for his will to be done here on earth in the same way that he wills it in heaven (see Matthew 6:10). As such, we seek to teach and train our community to live on mission each and every day.  Read more about mission here.



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